Solutions for Leaders in Business

We have created a proven system to help you to be an influential leader in business called The Business Partnering SolutionTM

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Business Writing Workshop

Effective leaders require diplomacy in business writing.

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Interview Skills Workshop

Apply for the position aligned to your passion and not the title.

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Presentation Skills Workshop

Overcome your fear of speaking and discover the speaker within you.

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Induction Programs

Starting your first job? Just hired new employees? Let us take care of your induction process.

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Leadership Development Programs

Feeling stifled in your career? Looking to develop leaders within your team?

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Induction Programs

Depending on your need, this program can easily be aligned with your company’s existing on-boarding process or delivered as a stand-alone training.

Leadership Articles

A few articles written recently provide you with insight in to the services that we offer, as well as some interesting views on the various subject matters that we cover.

Leadership Programs

Let us discuss what you are looking to achieve for your staff or team and the content can be tailored to accommodate different types of interviewer styles and formats.

Writing Skills

Depending on the type of business documents that your team needs to deliver, the content can be tailored to address those specific writing needs. In the past, we have tailored this content for audit reports; technical findings; legal documents; training materials, business proposals, credit reports, the list is endless.

Presentation Skills

Depending on the type of presentations that your staff need to deliver, we can teach you how to present in different formats. We have tailored this course for other clients to be able to speak on camera; deliver training content; present content on radio.

Interview Workshops

Let us discuss what you are looking to achieve for your staff or team and the content can be tailored to accommodate different types of interviewer styles and formats.


Our mission is to work with individuals, organisations, business associations and networks to provide high quality, intensive training on the subject of leadership. This training will take the form of public talks, seminars, conferences, workshops, online programmes and saleable products – thereby helping fellow professionals in business to elevate their Personal Leadership Brand.


Talks Given

Business Connections

Lives Changed

What our Customers are Saying?

I have learnt a great deal about myself, my strengths and weaknesses. Often one forgets that their own weakness can hamper growth. Reality is that as individuals we are first judging others yet fail to look at ourselves. That for me was key. Dealing with different personalities and be a challenge especially if we don’t understand the category they fall into. This training teaches you the art of just that – interacting with red/blue/yellow/green s not daunting but rather a learning opportunity to build relationships. Mahatma Ghandi once said ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world.’…

Zeenat Buccas

Awesome experience. Public speaking is not just getting on stage and just giving information. What people see and how they interpret it is different from what I expected. She opened my eyes and taught me a vast new concept. Useful tools and also helped with my confidence to get to the front. Now only the practice part but I am geared to learn from my mistakes.


At first my thoughts were that I would be able to deliver a good presentation after this course. I will be able to deliver a great presentation that influences people’s life’s and change them for the better. I also learned so much more about myself and truly believe that my goals are there to meet. The course changed much more than I would have imagined!

Alheitia van Niekerk

I just wanted to overcome my fear of public speaking, but this course has enlightened me and now I can put what I have learnt into practice. I now have the tools to do this.

Jennifer Gorden

The course was well thought out and filled with practical examples and explanations that went over and above just giving the theoretical background.

Morne Grobbelaar

Interviewing is a very underestimated vital stage of job hunting. People tend to focus more on the content of their CV rather than how it sells them. This also goes for interviewing, but vice-versa. People rather focus on what to say rather than how they say it. Its honestly the smallest things we take for granted that can make or break our opportunities. This course enlightened me greatly on every detail s we underestimate. For this I am eternally grateful and feel confident enough to be in the hot seat. Thank you Dineshrie.

K O Msego