Making light of business travel

Business travel, whilst at first, might sound exotic and exciting – can actually be quite draining on your energy reserves.

Below are principles to follow that will ensure that you still stay fresh and professional once you get to your destination.

  1. Pack light and smart
    1. Plan your clothing so that suits and shirts and be inter-changed.
    2. Pack a neutral colour shoe that is both comfortable and professional.
    3. Choose clothing that requires less ironing.
    4. Include your comfortable T-Shirt and pants or tracks for relaxing.
    5. If you exercise, take the minimum amount of exercise gear.
    6. If you travel often, have duplicate cosmetic items that are easier to carry.
  1. Plan for delays and keep busy
    1. If possible, try not to check in luggage when traveling. Airport delays and transfers are inevitable.
    2. Having something to work on during delays will save you time later (Laptop, reading material)
    3. Travel with at least one granola bar or emergency snack and water. (If you are less hungry during delays, you should be less irritated.)
    4. Buffer in some time for delays within your schedule and have the telephone numbers of key contacts pre-loaded onto your cell-phone, in case you need to alert them.
  2. Travel safe
    1. Be certain that your last appointment knows your departure schedule. This makes it easier to cut-off the meeting should it go over the time limit.
    2. Make sure that at least two people from your office and family have your travel itinerary, that includes the contact numbers of travel company; accommodation and flight details.
    3. Keep an emergency first aid kit with you, especially if you are diabetic or require certain medication.
    4. Place an identification sticker on all your belongings. Similar bags can easily be misplaced or lost.
  3. Enhance your professional image while traveling
    1. Never dress shabbily for a flight, you might be seated next to a potential client or business colleague.
    2. Avoid swinging your bag or carrying bulky shoulder luggage as you walk down the aisle. Clipping the body or head of a fellow passenger, though unintentional, is rude!
    3. Invest in luggage; business brief case; pens that enhance your professional status.
  4. Use the opportunity of travel to think creatively!
    1. Travel is an effective divergence – away from comfortable environment, creativity and new ideas abound.
    2. As you are surrounded by different people cultures and environment, you might gain some new insights and ideas.
    3. Take a notepad along and record your ideas to implement when back in your office.
  5. Travel is both fun AND draining so conserve your energy:
    1. Try not to over-schedule appointments.
    2. Set aside breaks for lunch and snacks.
    3. Allow for over-runs of meetings and travel time.
    4. Watch what you eat and drink! Keep a bottle of water on hand!


Business travel is an opportunity to meet new people; share business ideas and provide a business service, whilst at the same time being exposed to a new city.

Use the insights within this article to make light of your business travel, whilst still maintaining your level of professionalism.

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