The value of a thank-you note

There is a time-honoured tradition that when a gift is received, a thank you note should be written before the sun sets that day. This is true for both personal and business gifts.

Thank you notes are important.

  1. If you don’t send one, that will be remembered.
  2. If you do, it may not always be remembered, but you won’t have a black mark next to your name in the mind of the giver.

How to construct the thank-you note

The note itself should be brief and sincere, and it should certainly mention the gift.

  • Do not refer to the item generically, “Thank you for the pen,”
  • Instead try, “Thank you so much for the Mont Blanc fountain pen.”
  • State your particular fondness to the gift and how you are going to use it.

Thank you notes are becoming non-existent

Within our working culture, as employees we get used to receiving gifts – think about it!

Has your company provided you with any of the following?

  1. Easter: perhaps bought Easter eggs for you?
  2. Womens’ Day: purchased a small gift?
  3. Birthday: Bought you a card or snacks?
  4. Christmas: Took you out for lunch?
  5. Team events: Full-day or half-day outing that may have included a meal?
  6. Celebration: Took you and the team out to celebrate achieving a key company goal or milestone?

Were you like the majority of many people and took it for granted that any of the above was a company expense that was been budgeted for and therefore did not warrant a special note of thanks?

If you are, then start to change your habits!

Especially remember to say thank you when a gift is given to you and was part of an event. Bulk gifts, example over Easter; X-Mas and Women’s Day are taken for granted and builds up an, “entitlement attitude.”

Say thank you, both verbally and in writing. The written note itself can take the form of an email, hand-written note, a card or an sms.

You will definitely be remembered for your gratitude.



Should the occasion and level of gratitude being expressed warrants it, you could also consider giving a gift to the person together with a thank-you note.

Some suggestions of appropriate gifts include:

  • Photo frames;
  • Movie tickets;
  • Box of chocolates or biscuits;
  • Engraved pen and pencil sets;
  • Glassware – Spirits, wine, Champaign;
  • A book that reflects the person’s interest;
  • Cooking items – pasta maker, coffee grinder or juicer.


Generally with gifts, you will tend to purchase specific gifts if you definitely know that they will appeal to the person you are presenting the gift to. As an example, you would not purchase a fancy wine-bottle-opener, if the person does not drink wine!


In summary:

Take the time to write thank-you notes expressing your gratitude and appreciation.

Apart from showing the person that you cared enough to write a note, thank-you notes are excellent ways of building alliances and networks within your career.

Showing that you sincerely care allows other people to care for you in return.

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