About us

About Neospectives

Delivering Learning Interventions to entrench the leader within you.

About Neospectives

Delivering Learning Interventions to entrench the leader within you.

Stand out from the crowd and match ‘book-smart’ to ‘street-smart’

Dineshrie Pillay – Founder of Neospectives Consulting

Company Culture


To empower Individuals, Professionals, Business Owners and Managers within organisations with skills, technical knowledge, insights, tools and systems – so that they can become the next Influential Leader in Business and Society.


Our mission is to work with individuals, organisations, business associations and networks to provide high quality, intensive training on the subject of leadership. This training will take the form of public talks, seminars, conferences, workshops, online programmes and saleable products – thereby helping fellow professionals in business to elevate their Personal Leadership Brand.


We develop leaders to be the ultimate Partner in Business.


We have created a proven system to help you to be an influential leader in business called The Business Partnering SolutionTM

A Conduit For Changing Lives

Sometime during 2008, I reflected on my career and how I choose to serve.

I decided to train and develop people to become leaders in business, and I formed the company Neospectives Consulting.


Professional path fused with inner passion

I am a Qualified Chartered Accountant – CA(SA) and Fellow Chartered Management Accountant (FCMA) by profession. I am also a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

My background makes me ideal to work with the senior managers and executives of business. I understand their language and how business works. I develop tailored leadership development programs and I individually coach leaders in business.

Instead of helping a company count its numbers, I now help people to become more accountable for their own lives. This principle is the foundation of the lessons I teach in my first book entitled, “The Contract with Yourself.”



I enjoy completing jigsaw puzzles. Like there are many “pieces” in a puzzle, there are many “pieces” that build great leaders. It is why my programmes encompass a range of skill training.

I love to travel. The more I travel, the more I am convinced that that there are more factors that unite us as a society than divides us. This gives me hope of what can be achieved once we work together. This hope, drives what I bring out of my delegates in my programmes.


Founder of Neospectives Consulting (Pty) Ltd

As the founder of this company, I am blessed to continue to work with a range of talented individuals, in South Africa and across the world.

Since I conducted my first workshops, those delegates have since grown in their careers and have become formidable leaders in business themselves. They still keep in touch with me and call me in to train their own staff as they know the value that they have gained when they first attended one of my signature programmes.

I work with a range of qualified and professional outsourced suppliers to deliver a unique training solution that is tailored to your need. You will meet my team once we work together.


You have crossed my path for a reason.

I believe that every person whom I come into contact with, is for a reason. You are reading this right now because you are one of them. You might not know that reason upfront, but once you open your heart and allow me to work with you, together, we can uncover that reason, and discover the leader within you.

I believe that knowledge is a power. I believe that knowledge is a form of energy. Power and energy is transferrable. I also believe that knowledge is a gift. A gift that deserves to be shared with others.

I have made it my life’s mission to pass on the gift of my knowledge to every person who crosses my path. I do this in the form of the speeches that I deliver, the products that I develop, the training programmes that I facilitate and through the individual coaching programmes that I offer.


Contact me if you would like to discuss training interventions for your staff that could include:

Delivering a motivational speech at your next conference;

Developing a leadership development programme for your staff;

Conducting an individual or group coaching session for your team.

Set up a free consult, with a brief description of your training needs.