Top 300 Interview Questions

Potential versus experience

Which is more important in the workplace – your level of qualification or your level of experience?

As a newly qualified graduate looking for your first full-time employment, your qualification is a signal to potential employers that you have potential to perform within their organization. At this level, as a graduate, you are most likely going to be between the ages of 20 to 35 years old.

Employers are willing to give you chance and offer you the position that you have applied for based solely on the qualification that you possess.

This is because to earn any qualification requires a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment and perseverance to complete your studies. These traits are all the traits that make a good employee.

However, between the ages of 35 years and beyond, your level of work experience becomes more important than your level of qualification.

This is because employers are looking for people with a proven track record. Employers are looking for individuals who can practically apply the theory that was learnt within the qualification syllabus. At this level, it means that regardless of the educational qualification that you may possess, if you are not performing and delivering your work expectations, you might not last very long in that organization. You might either be declined further promotions at work, or you might even be fired from your job due to non-performance.

The important lesson from this is that as an individual you should balance your level of qualification with relevant work experience or track record.