meet our teachers

Bradley Grosh
Smart Start CEO

His passion is technology and web development. He is always looking for new approaches in online education.

Maila Cooper
Head of Techology

Maila is an experienced supervisor. She perfectly evaluate outsourced work and setting up effective help-desk processes.

Gloria Mann
Senior Lecturor

She is a professional lecturor. Her courses are always interesting and practical. Gloria uses inovational technologies.

Mike KOll
Front End Developer

Mike is a relly computer geek. He provides his student practical knowledge and unusual tasks inspiring them.

Sam Kromstain
Applied Researcher

Sam is an expert in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research, analyzing social statistics data and analytics.

Nick Lander
Senior PHP Developer

His classes are basedd on interactive tasks and modern technology in web development. He is an experienced professional.

John Franklin
Graphic Designer

John provides innovative design projects and open potential of each student. He is a visual thinker and communicator.

Ann Nelson

Ann Nelson is a pohotigrapher since 2010. She loves what she do and convey her knowledge and experience to her students.

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