Individual and Team Coaching Programs

Individual and Team Coaching Programs

Overview of Service


Coaching is the process of facilitating another person’s learning, development, well-being and performance.

The outcome of a coaching process will be to raise the coach’s level of self-awareness and to help to identify choices that might not be so obvious without a coach.

You can expect to leave a coaching session having:

  1. Developed your own solutions to the “dilemmas” and “puzzles” in your life; and /or
  2. Developed your skills as you learn from your coach;
  3. Made a decision to change your attitude and behavior to alter the course of  your life.

The aim of coaching is to bridge the gap between your current state and your future potential.


Tailored for You

Choose between any one of the following coaching programs:

Coaching Programme 1: Succession Planning

  • Aimed at individuals who are being groomed for a specific role and require the intervention of a coaching programme as part of their readiness.

Coaching Programme 2: New Leader Coaching

  • This is ideal for someone who has been recently appointed within a new role and have identified specific gaps in their leadership style or skills.

Coaching Programme 3: Performance Coaching

  • This is for individuals who are technically proficient at their role and require refinement on how they execute their function and / or how they manage other people. This type of programme could also be used to help an employee better align their personal values to the company values and culture.



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