Induction Programs

Induction Programs

What is Covered?

  • Understanding yourself and how you relate to other people
  • Basic decision-making skills
  • Basic negotiation techniques
  • Fundamentals of presentation to a group of people
  • Professionalism in the workplace
  • Basic networking tips
  • Communication etiquette in a digital world
  • Career planning and goal setting

Who can Attend?

  • Newly appointed staff
  • Graduates entering the workforce for the first time
  • Intern and article staff
  • Employees on learnerships
  • People who are starting work for the first time

Can this be Tailored for You?


Depending on your need, this program can easily be aligned with your company’s existing on-boarding process or delivered as a stand-alone training.

Give us a call to discuss your need.

What our Customers are Saying?

My highlights for the course are: emotional intelligence – which gives a person a lot of insight on themselves; Networking; Report writing – which showcases and highlights the most common writing errors and how to become better at writing in the business space; Presentation Skills – how to present to an audience and ways to improve presentation techniques.

Andisiwe Mviko

It has been a great experience to attend this course. I learnt so many things that will help me progress in my career such as: networking skills, work etiquette, presentation skills, report writing skills. I am going to work on the things I am currently battling with such as presentation and writing skills. The others will benefit from this program.

Zama Gumede

This was the most useful training that I ever attended in my life. The coach cared about who you are, she is so observant and she gives honest feedback. I have learnt a lot about myself, things that I was not aware of. It actually makes me grow as an individual both personal and work environment. People should attend this training is very much useful, you get more than you expected.

Nomonde Mbhele

The course turned out to be a huge learning curve, as I had expected it to be business related only. I also learned about self-awareness and how to change minor things moving forward to better myself as an individual and professional. It is beneficial to attend the training because it builds you in all aspects such as speaking, networking, writing and how to tackle everyday situations.

Tsholofelo Kelapologile

This course has been extremely insightful. It allows you to learn things about yourself you never knew before. It also offers tips and tools that you can use in your personal and work life. It pushes you to find your hidden potential and improve various aspects of your life.

Courtney Solomons

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