Interview Skill Workshops

Interview Skill Workshops

This Interview Skill Workshop is a comprehensive program for people who recognize that being in an interview is not simply about answering a series of questions but about learning a life-long skill of how to self-brand and market yourself as an individual.

What is Covered?

  • You will learn how to apply for positions to align your passion to your purpose
  • Master your intervention skills by learning the technique and format to answering questions
  • Learn the basics of impromptu speaking and presentation skills in case your interview requires a case-study presentation
  • Have your CV reviewed with feedback on areas of improvement

What is Included?

  • Your personal CV is reviewed with feedback on areas of improvement
  • You will undergo a “dummy interview”
  • Your online LinkedIn profile is assessed with feedback on areas of improvement

Who can Attend?

Anyone who is interested to learn how:

To market themselves better and

Be more confident in front of an interviewing panel.

Can this be Tailored for You?

Yes, it can!

Let us discuss what you are looking to achieve for your staff or team and the content can be tailored to accommodate different types of interviewer styles and formats, like video-conferencing interviews; panel interviews; first and second round interviews among other formats.

What our Customers are Saying?

I had a great time at the course. I really got to learn and experience a lot of very educational things. I was taught about a lot of things and also given guidance on some important things. It will be benefit you to attend the course because you get to understand and learnt a lot on interview and CV writing skills.

V Maswanganye

The interview section that was provided helped me learn more about myself how I respond to questions, the extent to which I think about the question that is being asked. I learnt that I should be as calm as possible so that I don’t start mumbling. I am now looking forward to being interviewed, I know just what to prepare so that I may be able to sell myself without hassle.

K Motlhaki

I learnt a lot of attributes regarding interviews; how to market yourself that I have never done before. The dos and dont’s of compiling a CV and resume. From what I have learnt clearly showed me how many mistakes my CV has. From what I have learnt it will be of utmost benefit for other people to also attend and know as much as I have benefited form this session.

D Mouundlela

The course was a good experience for me. I learnt a lot of things that I didn’t know about interviews the do’s and the don’ts and what is expected of you. I think that people should attend this course because it is going to equip you with soft skills and they will gain a lot of knowledge on not only on interviews but on principles to follow in their lives. To identify what they really are passionate about and to follow it.

J Rankapole

Interviewing is a very underestimated vital stage of job hunting. People tend to focus more on the content of their CV rather than how it sells them. This also goes for interviewing, but vice-versa. People rather focus on what to say rather than how they say it. Its honestly the smallest things we take for granted that can make or break our opportunities. This course enlightened me greatly on every detail s we underestimate. For this I am eternally grateful and feel confident enough to be in the hot seat. Thank you Dineshrie.

K O Msego

I found the course to be very useful as it pointed out some of the things I did incorrectly in the past. People should attend because there is something they will learn. They will benefit by getting to know the mistakes they have been doing in the past regarding interviews and learn how to fix them.

Alice Seturumane

Learned how to communicate effectively by getting my point across and not going over board. What to expect from an interview and how to prepare for it. It was a practical session and that made it easier to learn. Learnt how to maintain a professional level.

N Ncube

I gained so much on today’s interview skills workshop. Such as three P’s (Planning, Prioritise and Punctuation) when answering a question or an interview question. How my curriculum vitae should be organised from the current to the most earliest under qualifications and educational history. A lot of people could gain this skills if they were allowed to attend this workshop just like I did.

F Ndlovu

It has been a life changing experience, I have learnt more form this programme that I have anticipated. My confidence on an interview approach has improved to the better. I am optimistic about the future.

L Ndlovu

The course helped me identity my specific problem areas as well as finding solutions on how to tackle them. I learnt how to market myself from the CV all the way up to a one-on-one interview. Basically how to put my best foot forward.

S Mabasa

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