Presentation Skills Workshop

Presentation Skills Workshop

Being a professional in business can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling career paths on the planet. Most professionals have in-depth technical understanding. Extraordinary professionals are those who are able to take their technical know-how and weave a message to large groups of people that inspire; motivate and calls people to action.

What is Covered?

Speech Structure

  • How to use the stage effectively.
  • How to construct a speech to:
    Inspire an audience;
    Sell or propose an idea; or
    Teach a new skill.
  • The framework for starting and ending a speech with impact.


Speech Content

  • How to build a story of credibility for yourself or of other people.
  • How to build a profile of your customer or your audience and structure the talk to their needs.
  • Learn how to package your content into a relatable and teachable model.
  • You will be exposed to a simple system to delivering your content that is engaging and entertaining.

Stage Presence

  • Learn the speaker secrets of:
    Eye contact;
    Body language;
    Stage movement;
    Vocal variety; and
    Managing your emotional state during a talk.
  • Gain tips on how to effectively use a microphone.
  • How to deal with the fear of speaking.
  • Learn a simple and effective way to write speeches and deliver them without detailed notes.


Putting it together

  • Power-point secrets to creating high-impact power-point slides.
  • Gain insights on how to structure a speech for a:
    Speak to Motivate Talk;
    Speak to Sell Talk; and a
    Speak to Teach Talk.
  • Learn tips on how to deal with Questions & Answers


2-Day Consecutive Training

Who can Attend?

This is ideal for you if:

Have confidence in speaking in public; and / or

Currently do speak in front of an audience; and / or

Have the basic structure of speaking and you are looking for more advanced business presentation skills.

Can this be Tailored for You?


Depending on the type of presentations that your staff need to deliver, we can teach you how to present in different formats. We have tailored this course for other clients to be able to speak on camera; deliver training content; present content on radio.

Give us a call to discuss your need.

What our Customers are Saying?

I have found that the course (through Dineshrie) introduced me to the art of public speaking providing a wealth of knowledge and tools. Congratulations on a well-prepared course.

Hein du Toit

Awesome experience. Public speaking is not just getting on stage and just giving information. What people see and how they interpret it is different from what I expected. She opened my eyes and taught me a vast new concept. Useful tools and also helped with my confidence to get to the front. Now only the practice part but I am geared to learn from my mistakes.


At first my thoughts were that I would be able to deliver a good presentation after this course. I will be able to deliver a great presentation that influences people’s life’s and change them for the better. I also learned so much more about myself and truly believe that my goals are there to meet. The course changed much more than I would have imagined!

Alheitia van Niekerk

This course has taught us how to unlock many skills within ourselves. There is a method to delivering a great speech and presentation. Dineshrie is a wonderful facilitator – so much knowledge to share. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Excellent presentation which I have greatly benefitted from. Learning presentation skills gave me lessons on how to become a better speaker, confident and overcome fear / nervousness.

Mernie Moodley

I attended the course lacking self-confidence, being nervous when public speaking. By the end of the training, I gained self-confidence and also learnt a lot especially usage of stage. Great course training to attend.

Annie Naidoo

I just wanted to overcome my fear of public speaking, but this course has enlightened me and now I can put what I have learnt into practice. I now have the tools to do this.

Jennifer Gorden

In this course, you will be taken out of your comfort zone, whether you like it or not which will enable you to take part and thereby enable you to learn. Inspiring, knowledgeable, beneficial to presentation skills.

Lesle Moses

Course was excellent. Dineshrie was very knowledgeable about speaking. She helped me improve my confidence and helped me escape my comfort zone. At the end of the course, I had no fear and relished the chance to speak.

Craig Mcleary

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