I have learnt a great deal about myself, my strengths and weaknesses. Often one forgets that their own weakness can hamper growth. Reality is that as individuals we are first judging others yet fail to look at ourselves. That for me was key. Dealing with different personalities and be a challenge especially if we don’t understand the category they fall into. This training teaches you the art of just that – interacting with red/blue/yellow/green s not daunting but rather a learning opportunity to build relationships. Mahatma Ghandi once said ‘be the change that you wish to see in the world.

Zeenat Buccas

It was out of my comfort zone. I have definitely grown. Team dynamics were needed. Well worth the time and duration of the academy. Networking was of a high level. Personal branding was improved. It was fun yet challenging.

Things you are afraid of and assume is impossible (like public speaking) was conquered. Although daunting at times, the structure and content was relevant and fun. Great learning experience – anything is possible if you work together. Thank you.

When I began, I had no experience of speaking in front of a group. Now I am able to overcome my fears of meeting new people. I had the opportunity to know my colleagues on a personal level as well. I am happy that I was given the opportunity to acquire new skills.

I expected the course to be boring, bloating and bothersome, but was pleasantly surprised to find it interesting, insightful, interactive and extremely pleasantly intense. It certainly will assist me to become a better and more well-rounded individual. Theoretical topics were brought to life by using practical examples and games.

It was out of my comfort zone. I have definitely grown. Team dynamics were needed. Well worth the time and duration of the academy. Networking was of a high level. Personal branding was improved. It was fun yet challenging.

I meet people I only met on emails. Worked together on new ideas. I learnt to put myself more in the next person’s shoes. I trust myself more. Minimise the stress and accelerate the output. Teamwork. Not everything will play out as planned.

I have grown as an individual. I can see changes in my work life and personal life. Very informative and empowering. Great exposure to the top management. Grow as a person.

It has helped me become a better professional.

It taught me soft skills. It brought me out of my comfort zone. It enabled me to meet new people. It taught me a lot about myself and the road I want to take forward.

It has taught me a lot about myself. I have learnt on softer skills that I can apply to my daily life. I have also learnt that despite the challenges you may face daily, you are more than an overcomer and if you put your mind to something, anything can be achieved. Teamwork is also very important and relying on each other to reach an end result

It has helped me become a better professional.

It has taught me so much about myself and my capabilities. I am more confident now, my presentation skills have increased tremendously and I look forward to many more Academies like this one. I have grown as an individual and I know and believe that this experience will help improve my work and brand.


I have found that the course (through Dineshrie) introduced me to the art of public speaking providing a wealth of knowledge and tools. Congratulations on a well-prepared course.

Hein du Toit

Awesome experience. Public speaking is not just getting on stage and just giving information. What people see and how they interpret it is different from what I expected. She opened my eyes and taught me a vast new concept. Useful tools and also helped with my confidence to get to the front. Now only the practice part but I am geared to learn from my mistakes.


At first my thoughts were that I would be able to deliver a good presentation after this course. I will be able to deliver a great presentation that influences people’s life’s and change them for the better. I also learned so much more about myself and truly believe that my goals are there to meet. The course changed much more than I would have imagined!

Alheitia van Niekerk

This course has taught us how to unlock many skills within ourselves. There is a method to delivering a great speech and presentation. Dineshrie is a wonderful facilitator – so much knowledge to share. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Excellent presentation which I have greatly benefitted from. Learning presentation skills gave me lessons on how to become a better speaker, confident and overcome fear / nervousness.

Mernie Moodley

I attended the course lacking self-confidence, being nervous when public speaking. By the end of the training, I gained self-confidence and also learnt a lot especially usage of stage. Great course training to attend.

Annie Naidoo

I just wanted to overcome my fear of public speaking, but this course has enlightened me and now I can put what I have learnt into practice. I now have the tools to do this.

Jennifer Gorden

In this course, you will be taken out of your comfort zone, whether you like it or not which will enable you to take part and thereby enable you to learn. Inspiring, knowledgeable, beneficial to presentation skills.

Lesle Moses

Course was excellent. Dineshrie was very knowledgeable about speaking. She helped me improve my confidence and helped me escape my comfort zone. At the end of the course, I had no fear and relished the chance to speak.

Craig Mcleary


It has allowed me to reflect on myself so as to improve on areas I often overlooked. In my day-to-day experience at work, such as the words I use, how I write emails, how I do presentations, how I put a point across during discussions. The programme indeed was quite refreshing as well as educational.

Monametsi Dell

It helped me understand myself better in order to grow and become better at my role. It helped understand different personalities and how to interact and communicate with various stakeholders. I learnt important information regarding writing skills, with respect to different types of business documents. It helped me overcome my fear in terms of presenting to audiences. I gained self-introspection. It allowed me to have a positive outlook on life. It assisted me manage my time better.

Samantha Naicker

It taught me a lot about a lot of things some which I have taken for granted such as how you respond to emails, presentation skills; how to be convincing in giving your speech.

Tumelo Dimeku

Coming into the course, I thought I had narrowed down what I need to take my personal life and career to the next level, but I was soon reminded that there are so many other areas I had not considered. What has stood out for me is the importance of GROWTH. I will definitely use your book to work on the areas I have identified and you have given me feedback on. Thank you for everything.

Estelle Mseteka

I have definitely come out more equipped to overcome challenges not only in my workspace but my general approach to life has hit a 360-degree turn. I am grateful for this opportunity and wish many more of our colleagues would be enrolled.

Otsile Nchingane

I have been provided a toolbox to navigate both the life and professional journey at the same time. Amazing experience.

Zuko Maponye

It has really taught me a lot of life lessons that I am now applying to both my personal and business life.

Vuyelwa Mogqibisa

It helped me to realise the value in getting to know yourself.

Peter Dixon